Florence County Fair - Florence, WI
August 27-28-29, 2021
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Important things to know if you are attending the Florence County Mini Fair Fundraiser in 2021

While we may be postponing some of our hands-on activities at the 2021 Mini Fair Fundraiser, we promise you that we will still be entertaining you all weekend!

The 2021 Florence County Fair marks the 117th annual anniversary celebration of our family-friendly tradition. While many items and activities have changed throughout the last 117 years, one very important item has not changed. The Florence County Fair is a celebration of the many and varied talents of our Florence County residents as well as well as serving as a showcase of our County’s agricultural and natural resources.

Low Prices
As we make plans for events and activities at the fair, we are constantly trying to keep our costs low. And we have continued to do just that. Admission to the Florence County Fair will be free for children ages 11 & under. There will be an admission fee for people ages 12 and older of $10, and seniors 65 & older pay just $5,which is good for the entire three days of the fair.  It's also important to note that all exhibitors in the fair will be given the opportunity to purchase an admission at the $5 rate when they drop off their exhibits on Wednesday, August 25.  You only have to have one exhibit in the fair in order to be able to purchase admission at the discounted price.

There is no charge for parking at the Florence County Fair Park; however, space is limited. Parking will be restricted on County N near the two entry gates to provide visibility for vehicles entering and exiting the fairgrounds. These restricted areas will be marked with ‘no parking’ signs. If the Fair Park parking areas are full, you may park elsewhere and walk in to the fairgrounds. 

Additional Costs to Participate?
Once you are at the fair, most of the entertainment and activities are free to watch and participate in. Out of all those activities, there are only two which require an additional entry fee for you to participate in—the Mud Bog, and the Classic Car and Motorcycle Show. These events are free for the general public to watch, so the only additional costs are the entry fees for the events.

All of our music, the draft horse pull, the Garden Tractor Pull and the Mud Bog  are all free to attend with your paid admission to the fair.  

How We Keep Prices Low
Charging admission to the fair is one of the ways that the fair is able to afford to provide the complete schedule of entertainment and activities provided 
during the fair. In addition to admission, the fair also operates Lydia’s Kitchen and the Beer Stand during the fair to provide food and beverages to attendees while earning additional money to put towards the fair activities and expenses.  

It is important to note that even with our food at the fair, we strive to keep prices our food prices low and affordable. We don’t have our food costs determined yet this year, but last year (for example) we were able to keep our food prices low — charging between $3 and $5 for a sandwich (porketta, hamburger, hot 
turkey, barbecue, etc.) and just $0.50 to $3.00 for beverages (soda, water, lemonade, milk, coffee, beer, wine coolers, etc.). We also have a variety of 
other items we sell such as cheese curds, French fries, nachos, corn on the cob, chips, a wide array of homemade desserts, pies, etc.

Our goal is to keep our 117th Annual County tradition a family-friendly event affordable for everyone who is attending.

 We hope to see you there!
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"A Fair to Remember!"
the 117th Annual Florence County Mini Fair Fundraiser
August 27-28-29, 2021

Upcoming Events
What's the cost to go to the fair?
117th Annual Florence County Fair
Mini Fair Fundraiser
August 27-28-29, 2021
Florence County Fair Park
5505 County Highway N; Florence, WI 
(See map)

See our complete Schedule of Events
We often hear "I would help at the fair, but no one asks me to help." 

The truth is we don't always know who would like to help at the fair. Here's your chance to volunteer and let us know. Are you interested in volunteering some time at the 2021 Florence County Fair? 

All volunteers will receive an admission pass to the fair.  Volunteers who work more than one shift will also receive a meal pass.

You can always sign-up for volunteering by contacting us via the information below:
5th Annual Florence Cty Fair Mud Bog
Saturday, August 28, 2021
Florence County Fair Park
5505 County Highway N; Florence, WI 
(See map)

Please note that the Florence County Fair will be taking photographs and video during this event which maybe used for future marketing purposes.
Admission to the Florence County Fair Mini Fundraiser is good for the entire fair!  Admission is $10.00 for people ages 12 & older, $5.00 for seniors 65 & older, and admission is free for children 11 & under.  Fair Exhibitors (and/or parents of exhibitors under the age of 18) may purchase admission for $5.00. A special Sunday only price will get everyone over the age of 12 in for just $5 each (if you already paid for admission, there is no additional charge on Sunday)
Contact Us
If you have questions regarding the fair, please let us know. . .

You can call the Fair Office at 

You can e-mail us at florencecountyfair@hotmail.com or by clicking the "Contact Us" Button below:

You can also find more information about the fair on this website and by visiting us on Facebook:
Florence County Fair Draft Horse Pull
Sunday, August 29, 2021 - 2:00 p.m.*
*note the time change for 2021
Florence County Fair Park
5505 County Highway N; Florence, WI 
(See map)

Do you want to Volunteer?
Why do you charge admission to the fair?

Your admission helps to defray the cost of the entertainment at the fair. Our entertainment includes: music, the mud bog, garden tractor pull, horse pull, contests, activities, and more.

How much does it cost to go to the fair?

Adults (ages 12 & older)
    $10.00 per person
Kids (ages 11 & under)
Seniors (ages 65 & older)
    $5.00 per person
    $5.00 per person
    *early purchase price on Wednesday,     August 21 & Thursday, August 22

How long is my admission good?

Admission is for the entire fair, so that means you can come as many times as you want to the fair this year, and you will only have to pay admission once. Admission wristbands are given out. If your wristband is too tight or falls off, you will receive a new wristband.

What does my admission cover?

Your admission gives you access to watch all the entertainment and activities at the fair. 

2021 Florence County Mini Fair Fundraiser Announced
For Immediate Press Release

We're back!  Around this time last year, we had to share the unfortunate news with you that there would be no 2020 Florence County Fair.  Thankfully, we have much better news for you this year.  We will be holding the 117th Annual Florence County Fair as a Mini Fair Fundraiser.

What does that mean?

The Florence County Fair has been a strong community tradition for more than 117 years. The fair provides an opportunity to showcase and share our agricultural and natural resources and highlight the talents of our many exhibitors in a three-day, family-fun event. Thanks to the large number of dedicated volunteers, exhibitors, businesses, organizations and sponsors, the fair opens to thousands of people each year.

The Florence County Agricultural Society and Fair Board has been staying informed and working diligently during these ever changing and evolving times to create the 2021 Florence County Fair.  While we have a better idea of what is happening than we did last year, there are still guidelines and restrictions in place that we need to implement at the fair.  Overall the situation and corresponding decisions are complex.

With that in mind, as we began talking about the 2021 Florence County Fair, everyone involved agreed that it was going to be moving forward.  And it is.  However, there will be some changes that have to be made along the way due to the uncertainties that still linger involving this pandemic and with the restrictions and regulations regarding social distancing.  

That is one of the reasons that the 2021 Florence County Fair will be a Mini Fair Fundraiser.  While we did not have a fair last year, there were some large expenses that we incurred during the year -- including some necessary repairs in the Exhibit Building and the Large Pavilion and including the Timber Cut of our newly purchased property located behind the fairgrounds.  These items added up to almost $15,000 worth of expenses last year -- and those were just the building and grounds expenses.  There are more repairs and upgrades needed for the fair park.

While we have to take a break from some of our entertainment and activities such as the Cricket Spitting Contest, the magician, the coin scramble, senior day, etc., the good news is that we are bringing back many of our crowd favorite events for this Mini Fair Fundraiser including:
  • The UP Garden Tractor Pullers Tractor Pull Friday night
  • The Mud Bog on Saturday
  • The Draft Horse Pull on Sunday
  • Great Music throughout including performances by Next Myle, Lovin' Country and Nolium

We have a few more things in the works as well.  You can find our most up-to-date schedule on the 2021 Mini Fair Schedule page of this website. 

We also plan to have exhibits at the fair this year as well.  Unfortunately we have to cut down on the number of "special exhibit contests" and traditional exhibits this year, there is more information on both of these items on the Exhibiting & Contests for 2021 page of this website.  The traditional exhibits are available to enter for any Florence County residents.  The Special Exhibit Contests are open to anyone inside and outside of Florence County.  They are the Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest and the Coloring Contest -- which has two separate entries for everyone this year.

The Florence County Agricultural Society and Fair Board is grateful and appreciative of all the efforts that are put forward by those involved in the planning of the 2021 Fair. Now, more than ever, The Fair Board takes their mission and commitment to our community seriously, and looks forward to celebrating past traditions and making new memories at the 2021 Fair scheduled for August 27-28-29, 2021.  And we look forward to bringing the full fair back to you with the 118th Florence County Fair on August 26-27-28, 2022.

For all press inquiries, please contact our Executive Director, Jessica Klumpp.

Date last updated:  07/01/2021